Equality Statement

Vista Academy Littleport is committed to improving the visibility and understanding of under-represented groups, such as LBGT+ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, plus e.g. questioning or non-binary) people, BAME (Black, Asian Minority Ethnic) people and Disabled people through our academic curriculum, programme of personal development and whole school ethos.

During our lessons, particularly within PSHE but also across the curriculum where relevant, we strive to: 

  • Prepare students for life in a diverse society 
  • Use teaching materials that reflect the diversity of British society 
  • Promote attitudes and values that challenge discriminatory behaviour 
  • Promote the celebration of students’ cultural backgrounds and those of other members of our community such as staff and parents/carers

As part of this work, we promote events such as Black History Month in October and LGBT History Month in February to ensure that every student has the opportunity to engage in a diverse curriculum in every classroom across the school. 

Through our PSHE curriculum, we teach pupils to develop their understanding of their own identity and the importance of respecting and understanding people they may be different to as well as understanding the laws and morals surrounding protected characteristics.  

Our students participate in a wide range of activities to help understand the world in which they live and they are encouraged to treat themselves, as well as others, with respect, kindness and understanding.  

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