Welcome to our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) page where you will find a PSHE Guide, curriculum overview, and links to a range of remote learning and support materials.

Our bespoke PSHE programme is delivered in four tiers:

  • Tier one: Core
    Character Education
  • Tier two: Community
    Assemblies and British Values
  • Tier three: Enhanced
    deep-dives into important topics
  • Tier four: Specialist
    delivered by experts in the school, Trust and external agencies such as the Terrence Higgins Trust, NHS or other specialised teams

Tier One and Tier Two

Tier 1 PSHE is led by Personal Tutors in morning PSHE twice a week and is appropriate for all ages
It is important that core messages and values are promoted in a way that allows development of skills such as:

  • Speaking and listening
  • Debate
  • Understanding life in modern Britain
  • Protected Characteristics
  • The Law
  • British Values
  • Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual knowledge, understanding and skills

Tier Three

Each term, schools hold ‘Drop Down PSHE‘ which means teachers deliver PSHE content over the morning of a school day to deliver important statutory content in more depth. The content is differentiated by year group and EAL/SEND support is provided.

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4
ThemeEvery Body is important I Expect RespectWe keep safe onlineMy future in my hands
AutumnHealth: AddictionsSRE: Consent and 5RsESafety: CyberbullyingFinance and Futures
Wellbeing and First Aid
SRE: Grooming and CSEESafety: Online LegacyFinance and Futures
Body Positivity
SRE: Sexual Health and Keeping SafeESafety: Extremism and Grooming onlineFinance and Futures

Tier Four

  • Extended assemblies take place for specialist topics that require trained and experienced staff for delivery
  • Specific year groups will have extended assemblies relating to Careers, SRE, health and other important topics
  • All students learn FIRST AID in additional extended workshops throughout the year
  • External speakers and groups are welcomed into the schools to present a unique perspective and additional depth to key PSHE Topics:
    • Terrance Higgins Trust – Sex and Relationship Education
    • AlterEgo – drama on Sexism and Sexist Behaviours
    • Local Police, Ambulance and Fire Services

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